Students will find out about charity shops and explore ways to raise money for charity. A central focus of this lesson is the valuable work of The Ruth Hayman Trust.

Topic: Charity fundraising


  • To give students practice of writing factual statements using the present simple tense
  • To develop students’ awareness of irregular past simple verb forms
  • To develop students’ ability to read and extract the main points of a text about charities
  • To give students practice of discussing and planning a charity fundraising event

Length of lesson: 90 minutes


This lesson is about charities and fundraising activities, with a strong focus on the valuable work of the UK based charity called The Ruth Hayman Trust. It includes a general discussion about charities, a reading about The Ruth Hayman Trust, a card-matching mingling activity and a discussion on organising a fundraising event. See www.ruthhaymantrust.org.uk for more information.

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