This lesson plan is for beginner readers. The main aim is to develop the students' ability to read and understand a short text based some on information about a girl called Sharon. Students practise recognising, spelling and pronouncing individual words and then move on to processing short sentences.

This lesson is based on a short text about a person.  It develops the students’ ability to recognise whole words and process short sentences.  The activities are differentiated for students with different levels of early literacy. 

Topic:   Reading information about a person                               

Time:   1 hour


  • To develop students’ ability to read a short text based on information about a person.
  • To practise word order in short 3rd person singular sentences.
  • To practise spelling name, shop, three, thirty, chicken and chocolate.
  • To develop recognition of ch, sh and th and use them at the beginning of words.
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