Union learning representatives (ULRs) play a key role in supporting second language speakers in the workplace. This module may also be of use to others who support second language speakers in the workplace, including union reps, negotiators and managers.

The jobs market in the UK is becoming more and more competitive for everyone. This does not only apply to second language speakers1 but also to native speakers. The main advantage native speakers have is obvious. It is in the second language speakers’ own interest to improve their English skills in order to create a more level playing field. It can also be important for native speakers from settled communities to have the opportunity to improve their English skills. Most employees who are second language speakers will be aware of the benefits of improving their English and will welcome any opportunity to do so.

This module is mainly for ULRs. It gives an overview of how they can support employees who want to improve their English. It also includes advice on how to persuade employees to take up learning and how to persuade employers to make this possible. Interactive activities are included to help you to self-assess and consolidate what you’ve learned in this module.

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