This resource, 'Someone on the phone: the teacher’s phone call', aims to give ESOL learners the confidence and the language to deal with situations they may encounter in their homes. In this film, Sunita speaks to her son's primary school teacher on the phone.

This resource has been produced in two different formats:

  • a self-access resource for learners with online activities
  • this teacher’s pack, including teacher’s notes and worksheets to download


Approximately 2 hours. Timings are flexible and it could take considerably longer than this.


  • To enable learners to communicate more confidently with their children’s teachers


Learners will:

  • understand the gist and detail of the film
  • learn and speak using some vocabulary from the film
  • practise making suggestions orally and in writing


  • An interactive whiteboard or data projector to show the film 'The teacher’s phone call' or computers for each learner/pair of learners, with headphones or audio speakers.
  • Learner handouts (pages 12 - 16)
  • Teacher resources (page 17) for Task 6. Copy and cut up enough problems and suggestions cards for each pair of learners. Keep the problems and suggestions separate.
  • If internet access/computers are not available, you will need to prepare your own audio recordings using the transcripts provided (Pages 18 - 20).

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